Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Chapped Lips Home Remedy

In cold weather, many of you may find that your lips are getting dry and becoming chapped. For some, the situation become very painful, with swelling and bleeding from their lips. The lips become red and rough and even peeling of skin starts.

What causes this chapping of lips to happen? Is there something you can do to prevent it before it starts?

Causes of Chapped Lips

There are many reasons that cause your lips getting chapped.
Chapped and Cracked Lips
Picture of Chapped Lips
  1. Cold weather
  2. Exposure to cold dry wind
  3. Dehydration
  4. Excessive lip licking
  5. Using hot water for bath that makes the skin dry. Using soaps that removes the natural moisture of lips.
  6. Some medications
  7. Some anti-aging and acne products
  8. Some allergy and infection
  9. Over exposure to the sun
  10. Deficiency of Vitamin A, B, C, B12 in the body
  11. Frequent smoking

Prevention of Cracked and Chapped Lips

  1. Drink lot of water
  2. Do not lick your lips .
  3. Do not peel the dry skin of the chapped lips because it will cause bleeding.
  4. Regularly apply lip balm or Vaseline to keep the lips moist.
  5. Use glossy lipstick.
  6. Lip gloss can protect the lips from cold air.

Home Remedies and Treatment of Chapped Lips

The following treatments will make your lips soft and smooth.
  1. Apply a mixture of glycerin and honey on the lips.
  2. Massage your cracked lips with a little castor oil to cure them.
  3. Slowly massage lip balm or unflavored Vaseline on lips.
  4. Milk, milk cream, butter are good for removing dry dead skin making the lips smooth.
  5. If your lips are bleeding, treat them with neem water. Make the neem water by boiling some neem leaves in water. It will help to heal the cracked lips quickly.
  6. Apply dettol cream on bleeding cracked lips to heal them.
  7. Aloe Vera and cucumber juice are said to help to heal cracked lips.
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